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The Three Classic Workout Splits

Fitness expert Eleni Constantinou gives you the low-down on the three classic workout splits, ensuring you work the right muscle groups in the gym.


Do you find that you get bored of your workout regimes and your motivation levels start to dwindle? Perhaps you are noticing results in the upper half of your body, but not the lower?

As an experienced fitness advisor, I know how important it is to adapt your workout based on your goals while also adding in some variety. Below, I will explain to you the three classic workout splits so you can get a better understanding.


A great choice for beginners! However, it does depend on your goals and your level of fitness/knowledge. These workouts are designed to target all parts of your body, rather than specific muscle groups.


Next, we have the upper/lower body split. I often recommend this for those at an intermediate level. Beginners can get frustrated as the frequency means you probably won’t progress as quickly as you would with the full body split.

An upper/lower body split usually looks like this:

  • Monday = Upper Body

  • Tuesday = Lower Body

  • Wednesday = Rest

  • Thursday = Upper Body

  • Friday = Lower Body

  • Saturday/Sunday = Rest

But, you can modify this. One of the great things about choosing me as your fitness advisor is that I will always provide you with bespoke workouts based on your goals. I never go down the one-size-fits-all road!


As the name implies, the classic push, pull, legs split involves a separate day for the lower body, therefore, bringing the total training day tally to at least five or even six!

This is my favourite… and let me tell you why...

With this, you can combine upper and lower into fundamental movement patterns.

For example:

  • Squats and lunges / quad dominant lower body exercises along with upper body push on push day

  • Deadlift /hip hinge /posterior chain lower body exercises along with upper body pull exercises on pull day

In the case of the push/pull, you only train four times per week, max! BUT, as you’ve probably worked out, you would indeed hit the lower body 4 times per week……..What’s neat about this approach is you can do just one lower body exercise for each day.

Commonly unused and rather underrated, push/pull split works well within the realms of callisthenics and overall athletic development. Worth a try for 4-8 weeks at least!

Which split is right for you?

Ultimately, like with nutrition, the best split is the one you follow. And by follow, I mean to stick to, exactly as it’s laid out, for at least four weeks (...but really, even longer than that!).

Remember, you can hypnothesize the greatest routine all you like but if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, it’s useless. That’s why I pride myself on being a fitness expert that takes my clients’ lifestyles and preferences into account when putting together workout programs.

Also, any routine will work if the typical factors are respected; recovery, progressive overload, consistency, sensible exercise choice, and so on.

They’re all there to be experimented with!

Message me today to achieve better workout results

If you’re struggling with your workouts and need guidance with what would align best with your goals, drop me a message and we can have a chat!

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